Safety first.

During a recent visit to Dover’s Hill ( near Chipping Campden) I found that a boardwalk that I had constructed deep in Lynches Wood many years ago had become unsafe. The boardwalk had been constructed to improve access on the circular walk through the wood where the path crossed a wet flush that was a slippery hazard.

WP_20160616_001To get a closer understanding of the problem the area was fenced off and I sent in my ‘Stunt’ Volunteer Stephen Ball !

Having confirmed what needed repairing, signs were put up explaining what was happening, the timber would need ordering and this would take some time……



WP_20160804_004 WP_20160804_002During this time with the help of volunteers, all the rotten wood was removed.




WP_20160804_005 WP_20160805_001When the new wood had been sawn and treated it was collected from the saw mill. With the help of another volunteer Ben, the beams were carried down through the wood to site.



WP_20160805_002Finally on another visit the slats were fitted and a non slip surface re-instated. It is quite surprising how much time it has taken to replace this one section of the boardwalk. I will keep a close eye on the rest of the structure and I’m considering improvements including metal legs to increase the life of this structure. A big thank you to my volunteers Steve and Ben who helped with this task.

Martin, Area Ranger North Cotswolds.


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