World Ranger Day

World Ranger Day is observed annually on the 31st of July, commemorating rangers killed or injured on duty, and celebrating the work rangers do in the field of conservation globally.

In the last seven years 600 Rangers have lost their lives globally which includes colleagues from Great Britain.

World Ranger Day is promoted by the 63 member associations of the International Ranger Federation (IRF). National Trust Rangers have the opportunity to be recognised professionally through one of these associations, that being the Countryside Management Association (CMA). The first World Ranger Day was observed in 2007 on the 15th anniversary of the founding of the IRF.

Below is a link to a message from Claire, a  National Trust ranger that went to Colorado to attend the 8th World Ranger Congress in May : As you may see there are some exciting Ranger characters out there!…/World%20ranger%20congress%202016.…

This September will herald my Seventeenth year as a Ranger, with a career spanning both sides of the Welsh border. Having made the decision in the late 90’s to seek something meaning full within my life, this has led me down a path which has ensured that our endangered habitats are protected, and species on the brink of extinction are never lost. Although we may not always think this every working day, we can as Rangers share and support our philosophy as part of a global profession.

Area Ranger Richard

The International Ranger Federation (IRF) raises awareness of and supports park rangers worldwide in conserving our natural and cultural heritage.

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