Pull the udder one

March didn’t start off very well, with the escape of the May Hill cattle. Someone had left one of the gates open and as a result eight of the cows decided to go for a leisurely wander through various peoples gardens and eventually ended up in someone else’s sheep shed. Luckily their stomachs got the better of them and we were able to get them to follow a bucket of food back onto the hill. They didn’t seem any worse for wear after the “Great Escape” and happily went back to their daily routines back on top of May Hill.

Calving started on the 31 March, one of the heifers was struggling to give birth and needed assistance from the Ranger team, but after a lengthy labour

Heifer after calving
Heifer after calving

both cow and calf were fine. Calving ticked along at a steady pace with no problems, until number 50’s time came. She calved earlier than we had expected and so was in the wrong field. On top of that she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be a mother, and decided to abandon her calf in the middle of the field. We took her into our handling yard and put her in the crush, and after a lot of hair-pulling and a couple of days of TLC she finally accepted her new baby. With no more problems cows calved one after the other, until only one remained, number 56 and we’re still waiting for her now……………




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